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Chord X is an ear training app designed to help you learn to recognize chord changes in the music around you.

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About Chord X

Featuring a sizable library of guitar chords recorded on a real instrument, Chord X is specifically geared towards guitarists who wish to be able to learn songs by ear.

Adaptive difficulty

One of the unique features of Chord X is automatic difficulty adjustment. It allows users at any skill level to jump straight into practicing and let the algorithm do the rest. By keeping you just outside your comfort zone the app makes sure your practice stays effective and engaging at all times.

Real sounds

The app comes equipped with a sample library that includes all the most commonly used chord voicings recorded by a human player. What's more, there are extra libraries available allowing you to practice with various sounds and instruments.

Smart statistics

Chord X not only lets you see detailed statistics about the progress you've made on your ear training journey — it puts all that data to good use. By generating levels containing chords that you most often get wrong, it gives you the power to take your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths!

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